Rosa’s Pizza has been providing excellent service in San Diego for over 25 years!

Our style of cooking originated from the East Coast, modeled after Authentic New York Style Pizza, Philadelphia Sandwiches, and Home-made Italian Pastas Dishes. Thank you for making your Rosa’s Pizza your choice for so many years, and for so many more years to come. Thank You!

Rosa’s Pizza believes that in order to make the best tasting foods we must use the highest quality ingredients. Therefore, we hold every ingredient that we use in our cooking to the highest possible standards. That means: better tasting meats, individually hand selected produce, and the finest herbs and spices. All of our vegetables are cut fresh daily, and we never use any canned or artificial ingredients. We use REAL mozzarella cheese, made from 100% whole milk for our cheeses, and Arrezzio Concentrated Organic Tomato products for our sauces. Together, this not only makes the best tasting food you can find, it also provides the healthiest nutrients for your body. To keep you strong, healthy and happy long after you have enjoyed your meal.

This is what our customers are saying:

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 "I've been living in San Diego for 10 years it has been at least that long since I've had a pizza wow me like this one. Not only did I get a great price on their large 7 topping deal but presentation, quality, of ingredients, and all together taste and texture of the pizza was amazing. Freshly sliced garlic laying over the top of a wonderful airy crust, incredible sauce, and a medley of meats and vegetables. I have found my San Diego pizza!" -Jacob - Aug 23th, 2009

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 "My family has known about Rosas Pizza since they were at their previous location across from Taft Middle School in Sierra Mesa. Rosas Pizza has friendly employees, great tasting pizza, high quality salads, and some of the best pasta that you will find at any pizza place. The prices are not as cheap as carryout pizza such as Dominos or Pizza Hut, but they are not by any means over-priced either. Watch for coupons in the mail for their pizza, and celebrate great savings on great tasting pizza." -Sarah H - Aug 29th, 2005

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0  "Its cheesy and has a lot of toppings.... the people are nice, and they make the food fast. Ive been here 3-4 times now and each time i order something different. the mexican place next door is good too, just sucks that they both close pretty early and I like to go eat out late... They deliver too but i always like to go eat it there in the cold with hot pizza makes it good at nite." -Theresa G. - Jan 15th, 2010

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0  "After moving here from Northern California, we wanted to find another great pizza joint! We were very pleased with Rosa's! The prices are good for the quality. There are coupons that come in the mail, but you have to watch for them! " -Kimberly B. - Feb 2nd, 2009

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 "Having been unimpressed by pizza in San Diego so far, Rosa's was a delightful find. The crust is good and the sauce is excellent, which makes for some great pizzas. They do deliver to at least a few miles away so if you're in the area it's worth calling. The staff has been consistently pleasant and their estimates on delivery time very accurate. As Sarah H. mentioned, watch for coupons in the mail to make good prices even better." -C. P. - Dec 1stst, 2006



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