Rosa’s Pizza has been providing excellent service in San Diego for over 25 years!

Our style of cooking originated from the East Coast, modeled after Authentic New York Style Pizza, Philadelphia Sandwiches, and Home-made Italian Pastas Dishes. Thank you for making your Rosa’s Pizza your choice for so many years, and for so many more years to come. Thank You!

Rosa’s Pizza believes that in order to make the best tasting foods we must use the highest quality ingredients. Therefore, we hold every ingredient that we use in our cooking to the highest possible standards. That means: better tasting meats, individually hand selected produce, and the finest herbs and spices. All of our vegetables are cut fresh daily, and we never use any canned or artificial ingredients. We use REAL mozzarella cheese, made from 100% whole milk for our cheeses, and Arrezzio Concentrated Organic Tomato products for our sauces. Together, this not only makes the best tasting food you can find, it also provides the healthiest nutrients for your body. To keep you strong, healthy and happy long after you have enjoyed your meal.